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           Some tips on how to catch the elusive snook

While there are several fish that will resist a catch, there are few species as stubborn and unpredictable as snook. Fishing for snook can be exciting and somewhat frustrating at times because, although there are many baits and lots of lures that will provide ample attraction for this species, snook fishing is a different adventure every day. What worked for you yesterday and allowed you to catch your daily limit will provide an empty hook all day the next day.

Catching snook can be accomplished by targeting deeper holes with live pinfish or artificials such as bucktail or plastic-tail jig that is bumped along the bottom of the water. You can also opt to troll a needlefish or ballyhoo that is rigged to large feather.But my favorite bait to use is either a top water or suspending lure.

If you are targeting deeper holes, fishing will be most rewarding during the lower tide phases, usually during the last hour of a falling tide through the first hour of the next incoming tide. This allows better access for snook in the river mouths and outside channels through the flats.

Regulations have come into effect regarding fishing season, as well, due to findings in the 1970's that lack of regulations, while allowing for some great catch, were inviting overfishing. This meant that the snook were unable to spawn and reproduce fast enough to keep from depleting the natural supply because too many of them were killed during spawning season. Therefore, regulations were put into effect to close snook fishing during spawning season.

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